“Toys are a child’s words and play is their language”

Dr. Garry Landreth
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About Me

Hi, I’m Kristyn McNally. I’m dedicated to helping your child thrive through play therapy. We all face challenges in life. I’m here to help your child overcome those challenges and achieve their goals.

Play Therapy

Toys are a child’s words and play is their language —Dr. Gary Landreth

Child-Centered Play Therapy
Child-Centered Play Therapy

A child’s most natural activity is to play. With Child-Centered Play Therapy, children express their feelings, learn new skills, grow, and heal. In the playroom, your child will build confidence, responsibility, self-control, self-acceptance, and coping skills. In Child-Centered Play Therapy, I do not direct your child’s play, so that your child is free to make choices and explore. I build a safe and trusting relationship with your child that encourages your child to process tough emotions, try new behaviors, and discover their inner strengths all through their play.

Introducing Andrew

This video is a fun reminder that kids are not miniature adults. They are unique young people with a special way of relating to their world. Children are constantly changing, learning, and growing. In order to help kids with difficulties, we need to meet them at their level, through play.

The Play Room
The Play Room

The Playroom is intentionally designed to facilitate the child's self direction within the safety of the therapeutic relationship. A variety of toys have been selected to promote self expression, exploration, learning, and healing.

For more information on play therapy and Child-Centered Play Therapy, please visit the following links

Parent Corner


Kids Corner

Hi! I'm Miss Kristyn. I am excited to meet you. Here is a fun video just for you to tell you about what Play Therapy is.

Until we meet, here are a few fun things just for you!

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